Former Business Name: The OD Pro

Born To Travel

A Life-Changing Story of Leadership Development through 15 Countries

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Travel is the perfect antidote to complacency in everyday living and stagnation in career.  By examining my travels through 15 specific countries, I discovered more effective communication and interpersonal skills, and my passion for lifelong learning.

The truth is, intentionally creating small, special moments takes very little time and effort, yet it has a profound effect on those involved. Plus, unwinding in novel environments changes your mind more than you could ever imagine.  Join me on this journey of leadership self-discovery.

Life on the Road

An Insider’s Guide to Keeping Safe and Sane While Traveling the World on a Budget

This Book Now Available on Amazon!

In this book, I share the ups and downs and bumps and bruises of changing all of the rules and living as a nomad.

Through my own experiences and best practices learned along the way, I light a path forward for my fellow world traveler. It’s the sort of inspiration and insight I would have coveted as I began.

As I say in my book, Travel has provided me with so many amazing opportunities to learn and grow and become a better version of myself. It is an ongoing journey, but seeking all life has to offer has become as essential to my soul as breathing is to my body.

Finding My Fearless

How I Overcame Self-Doubt to Live a Life of Adventure and Joy through Travel

This Book Now Available on Amazon!

What would it take for you to follow a dream?

What hurdles would you have to overcome?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you are strong enough, good enough, smart enough, and brave enough to do that thing (whatever it is), Finding My Fearless may just be the push you need.

Dive in today; your adventure awaits!

International Pet Sitting

the skills you need that no one tells you about

This Book Now Available on Amazon!

The life of a pet sitter is a dream. That’s what everyone says. But some dreams are nightmares.

Things go wrong. That’s life. To be a successful house sitter or pet sitter you have to have the skills to deal with whatever comes your way. Go along on the adventure as real-life stories highlight the various skills needed. And learn how to apply those skills. The entire process of becoming a sitter is shared in detail, step by step.

Discover the reality of pet sitting – the good and the bad. Find out what it is really like from someone who has been a pet sitter on 5 different continents.

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