Former Business Name: The OD Pro

You need stories. Stories that are genuine and meaningful and are written from the user perspective. Stories that create impact and identify you as a trusted information source. That combination creates loyal customers. And loyal customers are what brings your business to life and helps it grow. Let me write those stories for you. That is what a ghostwriter does.


The amazing lifestyle I live has provided me the opportunity to pursue my passions for travel and writing. These books take you along on my adventures as I travel the world.

What story do you want to share with the world? You talk, I write… and suddenly you have your very own book. Come on, you know you’ve always dreamed of having your own book. Let’s make it happen.

Amy Sue McCune Ghostwriter

About Me

I am a professional ghostwriter and editor with a passion for leadership development and personal development. With experience in technical writing, copywriting, and non-fiction, I have the words that will make you shine. Let’s combine my experience and expertise with your goals to create the perfect message.

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