Former Business Name: The OD Pro
Amy Sue McCune Leadership Coach

About Me

I am an organizational development coach with a passion for leadership development and personal development. My certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Facilitation and my work as a National Trainer have given me insight into how to connect the business process to the people who implement those processes. As a result, I teach leaders how to create genuine, meaningful relationships for a strong and collaborative working environment.

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What I Do

Guiding you to develop the skills that are essential to your growth and success is what I am all about. With strong personal and interpersonal skills, you can become a better leader and improve your collaboration. That in turn, will help you and your organization meet (or even exceed) its goals. You are sure to find my trainings, resources and coaching to be invaluable.

My extensive experience in organizational development (OD) paired with my passion for helping people unleash their full potential is what motivates me. If you are committed to improving your leadership skills and achieving your life’s dreams, we need to connect.


You will find that my trainings and services focus on interpersonal skills. I am a firm believer that these skills are essential for organizational growth and success. Regardless of your industry, interpersonal skills can help you develop and foster strong relationships, boost productivity, and create an overall positive work environment.

Since my OD training and services are virtual, you can take advantage of them, regardless of where you or your organization are located.

My many years of experience in OD has allowed me to cultivate robust professional relationships around the world. It has also given me the unique ability to direct high-performing teams and develop strategic programs.

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What Makes Me Different

You name it, I’ve done it: for-profit, not-for-profit, government, university, remote, entrepreneurship, and the list goes on. So I’ve likely been where you are. I have done the work and come out on the other side with a wealth of knowledge that I am eager to share with you.

Growing up on a small farm I learned early about the value of hard work. I held part time jobs all through high school, then worked full time to put myself through all of my university degrees. I know what it takes to become successful and the steps needed to get there. Now I want to help you discover your true potential and achieve your own success.

On a Personal Note

I hold a master’s degree in organizational communications from Suffolk University and a PhD from Clemson University. My research was in personal motivation. In my free time, I like to travel and immerse myself with new people and cultures. While traveling and when at home, I volunteer with a variety of programs involved in animal care and animal education.

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