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Leadership Training

These unique and informative trainings are the leadership skills you need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business environment.

Become the leader you have always dreamed of being.

These self-paced trainings guide you through developing the interpersonal skills you need in ordere to enhance your leadership ability and confidence. Each training focuses on a single skill and that is why they are so successful.

The training video explains the step by step process for developing that specific skill and walks you through the strategies for applying that process. Along with the training video you will receive a note guide to assist you in identifying what you personally need to do to put that skill into practice.

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Leadership Skill Training Videos

Training’s are currently being offered at the reduced price of $25.
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How Diverse Teams Collaborate Effectively

Discover effective techniques to build collaboration and specific strategies for bringing together diverse perspectives for productive collaborative results.

Discover the Keys to Critical Thinking

Critical thinking has a clear process. Discover how to work through the process to improve your ability to make important decisions effectively and thoughtfully.

How to Create Cultural Change

There is a proven step by step process to successfully implementing cultural change. Find out what those steps are and how to lead others through them.

How to Build Your Empathy

Learn specific skills that will improve your empathy and how these approaches can improve your leadership.

How to Foster Innovation

Find out what might be preventing innovation from thriving in your work environment and the steps you can take to build an innovation mindset.

How to Build Your Integrity

Everyone likes to think they have integrity. Find out if you lead with integrity and how to build the skills that will demonstrate your integrity to others.

How to Identify Your Leadership Purpose

Every great leader has a defined purpose to their leadership. Learn how to identify and create your purpose and how it can strengthen your leadership.

What’s Your Perspective Lens?

We all see the world through our own lens. Learn how to understand your perspective and open yourself up to the perspective of others.

How to be a Relationship Guru

Leadership relies on relationships. Knowing the strategies for building strong relationships will increase your ability to lead effectively.

How to Make Respect the Cornerstone of Your Team

Learn the specific steps you can take to gain the respect of others, and how to build strong teams that respect each other’s contributions.

The Secret to Great Communication

You can’t be a great leader without great communication skills. Discover how to be more effective by communicating with purpose and using the right tools for the message.

How to Adapt Your Leadership for Developing Teams

Many leaders know that teams cycle through set stages of development. Find out which leadership strategies you need to use at each stage for maximum effectiveness.

Do Your Values Make You Valuable?

Discover the connection between understanding your own values, your company’s values, and what makes someone a valuable employee and leader.

How to Manage People in a Virtual Meeting

Find out how to build connections and keep communication flowing by learning how to strengthen virtual business relationships.

How to Lead a Virtual Meeting

Learn the specific strategies needed to lead a virtual meeting effectively and efficiently. Become a master of meeting organization and engagement.

Amy Sue McCune Leadership Coach

About Your Trainer

Dr. Amy McCune holds a national trainer certification and has more than 30 years’ experience delivering training’s on a variety of leadership and communication topics. She has presented workshops and spoken at dozens of professional state and national conferences. Now she brings that expertise to you. Understanding both the process side of organizational leadership (Lean Six Sigma certificate) and the people side (facilitation certificate), Dr. McCune merges process and people to provide you with skills for leadership success.

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